Every light sign has its unique frame, made of various materials, mainly steel and aluminium which we work internally
We mainly use LED and Neon as primary source of light. We work both materials internally and provide CE and ISO certifications for both
Assembling and Installing
We assemble all parts in our factory whenever possible, otherwise on installation site. We take care of installations by ourselves all over Europe

Our Factory

Milano Sign factory has been operating for 30 years. The main parts of our factory consist of FRAMING, LIGHTING, ASSEMBLING AND INSTALLING. 


Structures and frames are the arching parts of most of our works. Usually structures are maid of iron, in order to guarantee the highest levels of capacity and security. For indoors work we also produce Frames made of aluminium, steel and plexiglas and other materials. Framing production starts from the agreed drawings with the client. Then, our engineers design a structure based on the capacity needs. Finally, our carpenters produce the final output.


Most of our installations include LED and/or Neon lighting. In both cases, we internally wire the structure in order to obtain a CE certification. Light can come in different ways, mainly direct and indirect. If the light is direct, our structure require plastic / transparent front materials, while if the lighting is indirect, the structure is usually made of steel with an open back, in order to let the light expand from behind, giving a very elegant feeling to the eye.